Ingredients for Petfood

Duynie Ingredients provides smart, sustainable and responsible ingredients of organic origin to the petfood industry. We intensively collaborate with European food producers and source residual side streams directly of the food industry and process them to valuable ingredients for animal nutrition.

The Petfood market is continue growing with changing demands. Pet humanization results in the rise of natural petfood, the demand for petfood with special nutritional benefits and the rise of petfood with traceable sustainable ingredients. Duynie Ingredients plays an important role in fulfilling this changing demand. Our prime objective is to supply ingredients for petfood in a way pet animals are fed with safe pet food for a long healthy life. In the Product Selector you will find all ingredients we offer.

We aspire to extract the maximum value from our raw materials. This is good for the environment and makes economic sense in times of food scarcity, and it meets society’s demand for sustainable products and production methods.

Palatability Test PotaPure Native

Duynie Ingredients did a palatability test at a research centre in the Netherlands to see if dogs like dog food with a high inclusion rate of PotaPure Native. Each dog gets dry dog food containing 40% PotaPure Native to see how much they eat from the food. The test is performed with 20 dogs for 4 days. The test results have given Duynie Ingredients good insight that dog food containing high inclusion rates of PotaPure Native will be eaten well by dogs.

To receive a summary of this petfood test, click here. For more information about PotaPure Native please go to the product selector or contact anyone of our team.