Ingredients for Pet food

Duynie Ingredients provides smart, sustainable and responsible ingredients of natural origin to the pet food industry. We intensively cooperate directly with European food producers and source co-products directly of the food industry and process them to valuable ingredients for animal nutrition. All our ingredients can be found in the Product Selector.

Duynie Ingredients has an important role to contribute to sustainable pet food consumption by supplying ingredients for pet food which are sustainable sourced and produced. Our mission is to supply consistent quality sustainable ingredients which are entirely traceable and meeting pets’ nutritional needs to be fed with safe pet food for a long healthy life. Read more

New product PotaFibre

Duynie Ingredients has added a new product to its product range which is a co-product released during the production of starch from potatoes.

PotaFibre Pellet is a product which is separated from potato mash. The mash is seperated into starch, liquid protein and fibres. The fibres are pressed, air dried, grinded and pelleted. Read more