Ingredients for Pet food

Duynie Ingredients provides smart, sustainable and responsible ingredients of natural origin to the pet food industry. We intensively cooperate directly with European food producers and source co-products directly of the food industry and process them to valuable ingredients for animal nutrition. All our ingredients are GMP+ pet food certified. Our ingredients can be used in dog and cat food, small animal food and horse feed.  The Product Selector gives an overview of all ingredients.

Duynie Ingredients has an important role to contribute to sustainable pet food consumption by supplying ingredients for pet food which are sustainable produced and supplied. Our mission is to supply consistent quality sustainable ingredients which are entirely traceable and meeting pets’ nutritional needs to be fed with safe pet food for a long healthy life. Read more

Roughage shortage, use BeetFibre

The summer in Northwest Europe and Scandinavia was marked by an extended period of drought. Due to the long period of drought, meadows have dried up and not enough good quality hay and haylage for the winter is gained. Roughage is the main ingredient in a healthy diet for horses, therefore it’s very important for horse owners to manage their roughage stock and look for good alternatives. Sugarbeet pulp pellets (BeetFibre) are a good alternative to partly replace roughage. Read more

Animation: The sustainable success of transforming natural co-products

The animation tells our story: what we do, how we produce and how sustainable we are.