Sustainable plant-based ingredients

Duynie Ingredients produces sustainable plant-based ingredients of high quality for the pet food industry. We only use plant-based co-products, directly sourced from the food industry, and process them to valuable ingredients for pet food, high quality feed and aqua feed. All our ingredients are GMP+ pet food certified. Our ingredients can be used in dog and cat food, small animal food and horse feed.
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Duynie Ingredients has a significant role to contribute to sustainable pet food production. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do and our business is built around it. From the sourcing of co-products through to climate-neutral production.

Duynie Ingredients is member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC) to work together on its sustainability goals and to contribute towards a more sustainable pet industry. Read more

Read our latest article

The February 2019 issue of PETS International published our article “Continuously reaching a higher level of sustainability with pet food ingredients”. Read the interview with our sustainability manager Corine Kroft and see how Duynie Ingredients contributes to sustainable pet food consumption.

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Animation: The sustainable success of transforming natural co-products

The animation tells our story: what we do, how we produce and how sustainable we are.