About Duynie Ingredients

Duynie Ingredients provides smart, sustainable and responsible ingredients of natural origin to the pet food industry. We intensively cooperate directly with European food producers and source co-products directly of the food industry and process them to valuable ingredients for animal nutrition.


Duynie Ingredients has an important role to contribute to sustainable pet food consumption by supplying ingredients for pet food which are sustainable sourced and produced. Duynie Ingredients aspires to achieve the maximum value out of the raw materials. As the crops are optimally used and nothing goes to waste, this is an entirely sustainable sourcing process.


Our primary objective is to supply ingredients in a way pet animals are fed with safe pet food for a long healthy life. But we are more than a supplier, we are your partner. We always try to think with the customer to deliver the best possible raw materials for your end products. In this way we together face the challenges the current pet food market is demanding.


We are a producer of quality products. We know the exact composition of our products, use always the same raw materials in the same ratios in our blends. This makes products of Duynie Ingredients always stable and consistent in use. Traceability also gives complete transparency for our clients and users.

Duynie Ingredients is a company of Duynie Group, Europe's largest procurement company of co-products, released in the production and processing of food, beverages and bio-fuel products. At Duynie Group everything is focused on getting value out of natural side stream products. Duynie is worldwide active in the utilization of co-products as core products. Its challenge is to constantly find new, better and smarter applications for the raw materials.