About Duynie Ingredients

Duynie Ingredients produces sustainable plant-based ingredients of high quality for the pet food industry. We only use plant-based co-products, directly sourced from the food industry, and process them to valuable ingredients for pet food, high quality feed and aqua feed.


Duynie Ingredients has a significant role to contribute to sustainable pet food production. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do and our business is built around it. From the sourcing of co-products through to climate-neutral production.

Added Value

Duynie Ingredients understands the needs of customers and the issues they face. We produce high quality ingredients and are also able to produce tailor made products specially designed for specific customers. Our way of working is designed to add value to our customers’ products, every step along the way.


Reliability and continuity are key to our business.
Being part of the Duynie Group gives us a unique position in the market. Knowing where the raw materials come from enables to offer our customers transparency. It also guarantees a constant, year-round supply of products with stable properties and of consistently high quality.


Food quality ingredients in pet food are replaced with high quality ingredients from co-products with the same functionality. We integrate new innovative ways to our production processes to optimize the value we create from co-products. Production methods like mix and dry create new ingredients.

Duynie Ingredients is a company of Duynie Group. Duynie Group is Europe’s largest company active in the valorization of co-products released in the production and processing of food, beverages and bio-fuel products. By processing co-products into new products, services and applications, Duynie Group creates new value for suppliers, customers and the environment.

Today Duynie Group consists of more than 15 locations in Europe, over 300 employees, 4 business units and a worldwide sales network supplying to fermentation, feed, technical, pet food and food companies.

Duynie Group is part of the agro-industrial cooperative Royal Cosun.