Roughage shortage, use BeetFibre

Thursday 4 October 2018

The summer in Northwest Europe and Scandinavia was marked by an extended period of drought. Due to the long period of drought, meadows have dried up and not enough good quality hay and haylage for the winter is gained. Roughage is the main ingredient in a healthy diet for horses, therefore it’s very important for horse owners to manage their roughage stock and look for good alternatives.

Sugarbeet pulp pellets (BeetFibre) are a good alternative to partly replace roughage.

BeetFibre is the co-product that remains after sugar is extracted from the sugar beets. It’s a source of soluble and insoluble fiber and low in sugar and starch. It’s high in energy because of the good digestible fibers, like pectins and hemicellulose. The energy is released gradually like in roughage. Duynie Ingredients also sells BeetFibre without added molasses, BeetFibre Zero.

BeetFibre is also a good ingredient for horses with dental problems and horses with weight problems may benefit from consuming good digestible fiber sources. Because pectin is a fiber that is better digestible than fiber in roughage it is also a major source of energy for sport horses.  

BeetFibre can replace 50% of roughage on dry matter base.When larger amounts of BeetFibre are fed to horses it is important to balance the calcium: phosphorus ratio with for example wheat bran. BeetFibre must be soaked in water before feeding to horses.

Duynie Ingredients also offers other products that can be interesting for horse feed like AppleFibre, ChicoryFibre or dried brewers grains. For more information about BeetFibre or our other products please contact our commercial manager.


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