Potato ingredients are gluten free and very suitable to use in grain free pet food. Potato is used in diets for the treatment of food hypersensitive or as a source for grain-free formulas. It also functions as an option for pet owners wanting a variety from corn or rice.

Duynie Ingredients supplies several types of potato based raw materials and divides its range of potato products in three segments:

  • PotaPure: this range stands for products that are only made from pure potato side stream products.
  • PotaStarch: this range stands for odour free, dried, native potato starch or modified pregelled potato starch for the pet food industry.
  • PotaBlend: this range stands for blends of several potato based products. Tailor made blends can be made for every customer. For more information, please contact our commercial manager.

Duynie Ingredients offers the following Potato products: