PotaPure Native

PotaPure Native is a side stream product that is released during the production of French fries (pommes frites). Once the potato’s are peeled, they cut into French fries. The off-sized French fries are separated and collected. Then air dried and grinded. PotaPure Native fits within “grain free” diets and diets that treat allergies and is a popular alternative for grains and rice.

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Palatability Test PotaPure Native

Duynie Ingredients did a palatability test at a research centre in the Netherlands to see if dogs like dog food with a high inclusion rate of PotaPure Native. Each dog gets dry dog food containing 40% PotaPure Native to see how much they eat from the food. The test is performed with 20 dogs for 4 days. The test results have given Duynie Ingredients good insight that dog food containing high inclusion rates of PotaPure Native will be eaten well by dogs.

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