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PotaPure Native

PotaPure Native is a co-product from whole potato released during the slicing process in a French Fries factory. Once the potatoes are washed and steam peeled, they ...

PotaPure Natural

PotaPure Natural is a co-product released during the production of chilled potato product. During the cold process the potatoes are shaved into different shapes and forms. The shavings are 100% natura...

PotaPure Released

PotaPure Released is a co-product from whole potato that is released during the potato slicing process in a French Fries factory. Once the potatoes are washed and steam peeled, they are...


PotaFlakes is a co-product released during the production of food grade potato flakes. The product is a collection of different food grade flakes that do not match particle size, color or packaging as...

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