Product description

Dehydrated cranberries are a co-product coming from the production of superior grade cranberries. The cranberries are infused with syrup until a certain stability is reached. The product is then dried to moisture specification.


  • Tasty product
  • Nice product to use in muesli
  • Can help to prevent urinary tract infections
  • Natural, free from any artificial and synthetic ingredients

Delivery conditions

Delivery according to the Terms and conditions Duynie Ingredients B.V.


This product is produced, packed and stored in accordance with Regulation EC183/2005 laying down requirements for feed hygiene and Regulation 767/2009 laying down requirements for labeling. Duynie Ingredients is certified according to the standard of GMP+ B08 Feed Certification Scheme.


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Latest revision 25-03-2019
Version 003

Product facts

Appearance: Red berry
Available packaging: 10kg bags. For other packaging consult Duynie Ingredient Sales
Expiry date / Storage: 24 months after production on condition that the product is stored in a dry and cool place 
Usage:  Petfood, Animal feed. Not for human consumption
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