Part of Royal Cosun

Duynie Ingredients is part of Royal Cosun, an agro-industrial group of businesses that process agricultural raw materials into food products and ingredients for the food industry, non-food applications and chemical industry. Well-known brands are Suiker Unie, Van Gilse and Aviko. The group's ambition is to extract the maximum value out of its raw materials: this is good for the environment and it meets society's demands for sustainable products and production methods.

Royal Cosun is organized into five business groups and a number of smaller business units:

  • Suiker Unie processes sugar beet and produces sugar and sugar specialities.
  • Aviko processes potatoes into chips and a range of specialities, both chilled and frozen.
  • Sensus produces inulin and oligofructose from chicory for use in specific foodstuffs.
  • SVZ processes fruit and vegetables into concentrates and purees for the food industry.
  • At Duynie Group, everything revolves around getting the maximum value out of natural co-products from the food industry, including the Cosun business groups.
  • Cosun Biobased Products is a start-up business that markets special ingredients for non-food applications.
  • Cosun Research & Development is the group's knowledge and expertise hub that combines and further develops knowledge about process technology and product development.

Royal Cosun was established nearly 120 years ago by Dutch sugar beet growers who united themselves in a cooperative. Today, the cooperative has some 8,800 member/shareholders and has grown into a business with 3,900 employees [in FTE] and a group turnover of about €2 billion annually.