Cornsteep (concentrated Corn Steep Liquor - CSL) is a co-product produced during the processing of corn into starch, gluten and oil. The liquid in which the maize kernel is steeped, is separated and concentrated. Cornsteep contains the soluble fraction of the maize kernel like soluble proteins and minerals. Cornsteep dry is the same product but dried.

Both Cornsteep liquid and Cornsteep dry can be used as an attractant for bait by sport fishermen. It is used to soak boilies, particles or pellets or it can be used as an additive in boilie mixes. Especially Cornsteep liquid can also be used as a pallet binder in compound feed and also gives it a light cereal colour. An extensive product description can be found in the product selector. For more information about Cornsteep, please contact our sales team.