Sugar Beet

BeetFibre is a high quality fibre rich ingredient with a constant composition. It is a co-product of the sugar production process. Sugar beets are cut in small strips and then washed with warm water. During the process sugar is extracted and the remaining pulp is pressed, dried and finally pelletized in 6mm pellets. BeetFibre from Duynie Ingredients is standard low in molasses (max 3%). We can also deliver BeetFibre without molasses: BeetFibre Zero.

Horse Feed

BeetFibre is also a popular feed ingredient for horses because it offers many nutritional benefits. BeetFibre from Duynie Ingredients is low in sugar but high in energy because of the good digestible fibre. Especially horses with dental problems or weight problems may benefit from consuming BeetFibre. BeetFibre is usually soaked in water before feeding to horses.

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