Duynie Ingredients has a significant role to contribute to sustainable pet food consumption by supplying ingredients for pet food which are sustainable produced and supplied. Our mission is to supply consistent quality sustainable ingredients which are entirely traceable and meeting pets’ nutritional needs to be fed with safe pet food for a long healthy life.

Natural raw materials, directly sourced from the food industry are being used. These are residual products from the processing of sugar beet, potatoes, fruit and vegetables, chicory roots and corn. Duynie Ingredients aspires to achieve the maximum value out of the raw materials. As the crops are optimally used and nothing goes to waste, this is an entirely sustainable sourcing process.

The wet incoming raw materials are gently dried to form valuable ingredients for animal nutrition. Heating and electricity are derived from sustainable energy sources rather than fossil fuels. Duynie Ingredients uses sustainable generated heat and electricity in this process:
-Locally produced wood cuttings chips that are processed into green electricity at the green energy power station.
-Residual heat released at bio-fermentation plants.

Sustainability is all about long-term continuity, for the benefit of the environment, people and our own business. Corporate social responsibility is an integral part of Duynie Ingredients and as a company of Duynie Group we follow their CSR strategy.