PotaStarch Native

From various European Potato processing plants, Duynie Ingredients collects side stream starches. These are then refined in one of our 4 production plants to make then suitable for use in petfood. Both native and gelatinized starched are within our portfolio.

PotaStarch Native is suitable to firm the loaf or chunks in canned petfood. In dry extruded petfood it is often used to improve the texture and kibble expansion.

Batches are selected at the beginning of the process and on positive release at the end of the production.

Released on Parameters:
•    Total Plate count: < 100.000 Cfu/g
•    Yeasts: < 50.000 Cfu/g
•    Moulds: < 50.000 Cfu/g
•    Entrobacteriaceae: < 1.000 Cfu/g
•    Salmonella Negative in 25g
•    Ash: < 0,6%

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